Ralph is a proficient photojournalist and photographer with an astounding passion for photography. Ralph is based between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Pennsylvania. Ralph photographs with an artistic, documentary approach. He loves the connection that develops between photographer and subject. By integrating, then projecting both atmosphere and demeanor into his photos, Ralph’s photography truly pro...jects the subject’s natural ambience. When you put a camera in his hands, he seemingly becomes invincible.
Using a unique vantage point, from which to photograph what may look like an ordinary scene to some, He finds the art, beauty, and emotion to capture, and reflect the subject’s virtuous sentiment. He can transform the most routine and mundane scenes, into an extraordinary work of art, by illustrating fine details and intensity of the subject. There is nothing bland about Ralph’s method or style. His photography, which is notorious for being intriguing and distinguished, has been commended by the toughest critics, winning many awards throughout his eighteen year career.
Ralph has been freelancing as a photographer for two local news papers, and his photos have featured in national magazines such as, Drum Magazine, USA Today, and various news websites, including NBC, MSNBC, New York Daily News, New York Post, Seattle Times, and many more. His photos have also been displayed internationally.
Ralph’s photography is not limited to any specific agenda. He has accumulated a generous amount of experience covering all types of events. He can photograph Engagement Photos, Weddings, Family Portraits, Christenings, Sports, News, Political Events, Concerts, Landscapes, Senior Portraits, Newborn Photography, Glamour Photography, Studio Photography and Architecture. He has a broad range of expertise. To enquire, please contact through e-mail address mentioned. [email protected] 570.299.0498